vuPad. A new way to shop for furniture and art.

With vuPad, you'll never have to spend time measuring rooms or trying to visualize how a piece of furniture might look in your room.
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Exact scale.

Using cutting-edge computer vision technology, vuPad scales the environment with 99% accuracy. The result is life-sized furniture right before your eyes!

Browse through a catalogue of familiar brands.

At vuPad, we partnered with a variety of well-known brands to bring you the best there is to offer. You can browse through our large catalogue that caters to your own personal taste.

Buy straight from the app.

With the feature that allows you to purchase from the app directly, vuPad saves you that extra trip to the furniture store. It’s easy, virtual shopping!

Marketplace. Buy and sell through vuPad.

Are you a designer looking to sell your products? Look no further, because vuPad has a marketplace feature that can display your designs. Through this process, you can upload your models to directly sell to consumers. And did we mention it was free?

Want to try out exclusive and modern furniture? At the marketplace, you can be the first to test and buy furniture, unavailable elsewhere.

The furniture you want not listed? Not a problem.

Designers can upload and preview their own designs--keeping it private before it’s launch. This is an effective way to virtually visualize how the design will appear in the room: view it from different angles, flip it around, see how it maps spatially in 3-D, and compare it side-by-side with different pieces.

All for the price of free.

Gone are the days of measuring tape and wondering if that large couch would ever fit in your living room. With vuPad, we aim to make this experience fun, unleashing your inner interior designer . We want to help you, which is why our app is absolutely free--free to download, free to post designs.

Furniture is a big aspect of creating the right environment, providing functionality with aesthetic appeal. We want to help facilitate that process by making it enjoyable for you. What redecorating adventure awaits you?