I have a passion to create a tech product which bring people convenience and happiness. I enjoy traveling, playing soccer and wind surfing for my relaxation.



Apart from a full time co-founder, I am a PhD candidate in Computer Vision & Graphics. I strive to create innovative interfaces that transform the way people interact and understand technology.


Creative Director

I am currently an undegrad student at UCLA specializing in 3D. My time is currently split between vuPad, classes, and part time work at NASA Jet Propulsion Lab.



I am a communication studies major at UCLA and I love working with modern technology as it changes our everyday lives in innovative new ways. In the past, I have released four apps, guiding the process from product conceptualization to promotion. Currently, I enjoy working for vuPad where I believe will change the furniture industry as we know it.

About Us.

vuPad is a startup committed to providing users with the best possible experience when shopping online for tangible goods.